February 2012 Earnings Report

I have been pretty much on holiday for the last 3-4 weeks, taking a 3-day trip to Chiang Mai then a 12-day trip in the south. In-between I basically did zilch clearing my head.

February saw a serious step in the right direction with my residual income jumping to $630 still a lot down on where I was back in October but 50% up over last month. I also started a consulting gig to build a site for someone so that brought in an extra $400 giving me a more than decent total of $1030.

March is continuing the trend with residual earnings looking like they will come in around $750 the reason for the return is simply because the two sites that got whacked back in October have regained there #1 spots, less because of what I have done and more to do with those that were promoted lost their rankings leaving mine in #1. Traffic and earnings for both are still down around 25% this been due to secondary terms not getting back their rankings.

Short post today as I have lots in front of me to do that need more attention than this.

2 thoughts on “February 2012 Earnings Report”

  1. That is good to hear! I hope my sites that got hit in October get back to number one.

    Where did you go in the south? Did you go to the deep south? I hear the best beaches are down there but it sounds quite dangerous. Not sure we will make it down that far but I do want to.

  2. My first time in a while checking to see how your getting and no updates for months 🙂 I hope all is still good with you.. are you in Chiang Rai still?


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