February 2012 Earnings Report

I have been pretty much on holiday for the last 3-4 weeks, taking a 3-day trip to Chiang Mai then a 12-day trip in the south. In-between I basically did zilch clearing my head.

February saw a serious step in the right direction with my residual income jumping to $630 still a lot down on where I was back in October but 50% up over last month. I also started a consulting gig to build a site for someone so that brought in an extra $400 giving me a more than decent total of $1030.

March is continuing the trend with residual earnings looking like they will come in around $750 the reason for the return is simply because the two sites that got whacked back in October have regained there #1 spots, less because of what I have done and more to do with those that were promoted lost their rankings leaving mine in #1. Traffic and earnings for both are still down around 25% this been due to secondary terms not getting back their rankings.

Short post today as I have lots in front of me to do that need more attention than this.

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Friday Wrap: Everything is good.

It’s hard to imagine what just a few days can do to one’s outlook on life. I have never been one for dwelling on what’s bad; I generally sail through life without a care and occasionally have incredible highs to boot. The last few days have seen me experiencing one of those highs. Today’s post is more an update for family and friends than info related to working online from Asia.

I’m not too sure why things have done a 180, and turned around. I have a few ideas the first is something I’m not proud of and it relates to money quite simply. Whilst doing the living in Thailand website, I got a real dose of exactly where I was at financially and it was to say the least pretty bleak, fortunately it did not make me want to go get a job and return to the 9-5 it did help me look at other options and pursue those options, which has resulted in some of them materializing, resulting in my income returning to a place where I’m earning more than I spend. So yes I’m not proud to admit it but I see that part of how I feel is related to what I earn.

The other thing that’s helping is simply identifying times where I felt on top of the world and duplicating the daily actions “as best as is possible” doing this has made me feel like my days are full “there is no other way to explain it” rather than what I was experiencing which was “another weeks gone by and I did next to nothing” I can assure you experiencing your doing nothing is a precarious existence at best. Semi retired at 47. Was I thought, something to strive for and would offer up what can only be described as the equivalent of nirvana. Wrong! I’m officially out of retirement “except when I go to the border” and it feels good to be actively searching ways to advance one’s self in many areas including earning more.

This last week has seen me doing lots of things I enjoy, cycling been top of the list, I remember clearly stating a few month’s back to a friend “I don’t have 20 hours a week to spend cycling” I need to work! Again wrong! No cycling = little work, 3 hrs a day cycling actually makes me feel good which results in a decent amount of work getting done. This idea is not my own and something I learned elsewhere when it was stressed upon me an hour a day “doing X” would enable me to participate in the other 23 hrs.

So yes an upbeat post all is good.

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January 2012 Earnings Report

January was ok and ended the downward turn I have been experiencing since October total was $657 a significant increase over last months miserable $441. Comparing apples against apples, without an extra influx of income from a new source “that I will detail in a moment” January would have been just $457 barely above Decembers total.

I have also thought hard and long about the way I have been presenting my monthly income, back in August I had a one off payment, paid in advance for the year. At the time I thought it best to drip that into each months total rather than have a one phenomenally great month “for me” I have now adjusted my accounts to reflect a one off payment and am no longer dripping it in each month. I have done this mainly for myself and the same reasons I write this earnings report each month. “It reminds me were I’m at” Entering $538 last month made me realise that that extra $100 was distorting things quite drastically, as I can live on $550 fairly easily, yet I was actually only receiving $450 near impossible to live on. See below adjusted graph.

$657 for January puts things back on track and is more than enough for my monthly expenses, $200 of this came from a new source, a little consulting that is been given to me kindly by a friend in Miami who’s core is software development for websites. I did have around $50 for hosting and domains as normal.

As I’m posting late I can state February is going very well and I’m heading back in the right direction with my residual income jumping 20% and a fair amount of consulting in the pipe along with a website for someone else pretty much signed and sealed, it is looking like I have survived the worst and am looking forward to an interesting year ahead.

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