Visas hassles whilst been a Location Independent

No posts for 10 days as I have been taking a little down time from the computer and business related things using the time to reflect and try to figure out what next, a combination of continous gray skys for what feels like 9 months along with the allways nagging visa stuff brought me to … Read more

Friday Wrap: Just how cheap is Thailand?

I have for many months now tried to find the perfect example or examples of just how cheap things are in a country like Thailand which is one of the favorite countries for the ever growing location independent population. Many times I will take a photo of things as I travel and post them over … Read more

Friday Wrap: Looking Back on the last year!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing after the fact! Thanks to City Snaps for the perfect photo! How many times do we find ourselves saying: “If only I had of known” I do it and recently have found myself pondering what choices would I have taken? had I known that the last 14 months here in Thailand would have … Read more