January 2012 Earnings Report

January was ok and ended the downward turn I have been experiencing since October total was $657 a significant increase over last months miserable $441. Comparing apples against apples, without an extra influx of income from a new source “that I will detail in a moment” January would have been just $457 barely above Decembers total.

I have also thought hard and long about the way I have been presenting my monthly income, back in August I had a one off payment, paid in advance for the year. At the time I thought it best to drip that into each months total rather than have a one phenomenally great month “for me” I have now adjusted my accounts to reflect a one off payment and am no longer dripping it in each month. I have done this mainly for myself and the same reasons I write this earnings report each month. “It reminds me were I’m at” Entering $538 last month made me realise that that extra $100 was distorting things quite drastically, as I can live on $550 fairly easily, yet I was actually only receiving $450 near impossible to live on. See below adjusted graph.

$657 for January puts things back on track and is more than enough for my monthly expenses, $200 of this came from a new source, a little consulting that is been given to me kindly by a friend in Miami who’s core is software development for websites. I did have around $50 for hosting and domains as normal.

As I’m posting late I can state February is going very well and I’m heading back in the right direction with my residual income jumping 20% and a fair amount of consulting in the pipe along with a website for someone else pretty much signed and sealed, it is looking like I have survived the worst and am looking forward to an interesting year ahead.

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  1. Glad to see things are turning around for you. My woes continue and I think Feb will be as bad as Jan but am trying some new link building tools (see blog post) which seem to be helping my sites claw a few places up in the SERPs.

  2. Thanks Joe I have added you to my reader, not sure why but your comment got bumped in to spam, very strange.


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