www.minimumwifi.com is basically my online journal about how I earn a living from the web whilst been free to travel when and where I wish. It is less a travel blog than it is a detailed report of the things I do each month to maintain this lifestyle.

To get a quick summary of what I have done these last 5 years check out this post summary of the last 5 years the two main reasons for maintaining this site are it keeps me honest posting each month and makes me accountable in a manner, secondly I could never have got to the place I’m at today with out other people doing what I try to do here the monthly reports were and still an inspiration for myself and kept me going, and for that reason alone nothing would make me happier if just one person starting out finds this site and is somewhat motivated to continue.

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  1. Just arrived at this blog after following a link from your living in Thailand blog as I am out in Thailand too and earning money from the web.


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