January 2011 Earnings Report

On the advice of a good friend I have decided to start adding a monthly update of my progress or not, each month, as he puts it “Accountability”.  Another good friend of mine Kirsty has been doing this for a few years now over at nerdy nomad  income reports and it has motivated and helped me enormously.

www.minimumwifi.com is also going to go off in the direction of more business related posts with a bias to building a residual income on the web whilst traveling and how Wifi plays in to that.  “As I had originally planned”

The travel side is going to go on to a new blog with a strong bias to traveling through
South East Asia on a Honda Wave Motorbike www.asiaonawave.com

To put a little background in to a first months earnings report “that is by no means a first month”, I’m going to outline the last four years in as few words as is possible…

August 2006 spent a whole afternoon reading 2 years posts over at http://www.workingnomad.com the next day I added adsense to my only website and made $4.44 the first month. for about 80hrs

2007 Built and bought lots of very cheap sites “more like buying content” worked hard at it all year whilst maintaining a full time job. Averaged around $200 per month for the year, and started to think of doing this full time whilst traveling..

2008 Continued in the same vane as 2007 working a lot less at it though. Averaged $520 per month, still thinking about traveling..

2009 Pretty much stopped doing anything other than basic maintenance still Averaged $650 per month, got serious about traveling.. and going on my own..

2010 Made the break in May and arrived in Thailand a few weeks later did very little for the first 10 months of the year Averaged around $750 per month.

So January’s report..
January came in at $902  which was an increase of 18% over last year.. with a little under 110,000 impressions which was only 7% up over last year. 99% came from google something I need to address this coming year as all my eggs are in one basket at present.

The bulk of the increase came from three sources, but only one single site
Goldfish Supplies In December I did an update on the site:

  1. Improving the content and adding more of it..
  2. Adding an extra search box on all pages
    along with adding a custom search result page  on the site “thanks Bill”
  3. Bulked up the products in the store and added content to top level store pages..

The content on the main site gave me a nice up tick something I will cover in another post later with a lot more info, the other two performed extremely well though  Search jumped from less than $10 per month to $30 and the store went from $0 to $28.

All in all January was as expected as I had few stats from the end of December on the changes, I suppose one of the benefits of writing a post like this for myself is I’m seeing I actually made less  than less year if you take out the changes I did.

February been a short month I will be happy to equal January I have a few basic things I can do most in the cutting expenses area and adding search to other sites.. just finished revamping another site Ab Exercise Equipment this may give me a small boost in February will have to see..

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