Friday Wrap: Just another great week..

Nearly forgot about the Friday wrap this week mainly because I have had a great week keeping busy along with starting to work on a few new things and getting favorable data back from some of the things I have done recently.. Here are the main couple of things..

Info Links
Has to be my biggest breakthrough in a very long time, I came across it by accident funnier still cause it stemmed from an email from google promoting something and showing examples of sites one of which included info links  long story short I’m looking at a possible boost in income of up to 50% more later as I need a couple of weeks of stats to do a review!

Next up is some progress with my site that focuses on Phuket’s Airport I added a  blog on the back end and have been posting related stuff still very small progress but a small trickle of traffic is starting finally its also enabling me to see the effects of interlinking and the power of WordPress I’m not a huge fan of WP but it sure does accomplish things I’m not easily able to do with a simple website..

Lastly the simple fact of finding a place I can hang my hat and call home whilst living uniquely off my websites is working wonders and probably the underlying reason I’m doing a lot more I’m now able to live in a comparable style to what I was accustomed to in the states for 7% of what it used to cost me, this I’m in awe of each and every day and just loving it.

Relaxing at last

Relaxing at last

Next up WordPress and why I’m going to begrudgingly use it more areas!

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4 Responses to Friday Wrap: Just another great week..

  1. krogaxic says:

    I can’t think it’s that simple. I’m going to give it a shot. will report back again!

  2. cevon says:

    I never thought of it that way, well put!

  3. Marisela Vidaurri says:

    I’m having a small issue I cannot make my reader pick up your feed, I’m using google reader by the way.

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