Friday Wrap: Manageable Lists

Today’s wrap is going to be short, earlier in the week I got one of those whiteboards that I had been thinking of getting for year’s and just never got around to doing.

I then put everything I had floating around in my head. “not good”

Not a good idea to fill it up like this.

Bad Idea way too much stuff as I have learnt in the past list’s or whiteboards are there to help you not overwhelm you, with about 6 months work on the board I ended up not knowing where to start and doing next to nothing for a few days.

Anyways I have now wiped it clean and added just what can be done for the day, “I can always refer back to the photo” The board has helped in a few other ways though adding a new product that floats through my mind to sell and needs to be researched. It has also allowed me to see very clearly what I need to be doing now, and that is anything that produces instant cash.

Luckily I have an extensive background with eBay and just a little less with other sales channels. When I arrived in Thailand I started looking for things I could easily sell on eBay “I’m inquisitive by nature and can happily walk around markets for hours” coming from America I had a pretty good Idea what I wanted small, repeatable, and upwards of $15 profit per sale. I found very little nothing fitting this criteria. I’m now looking at it differently and am finding lots of small lines I could develop at very little cost, 10 or so like this could easily be worth $500 a month been in Asia I also dont have to worry too much about the problem with eBay that it can be quite labor intensive, as help is cheap here. Something that makes eBay a very difficult back in the West.

I also spent a some time reading through the reports over at Niche Site Challenge It was interesting to follow some of the main contestants progress, more so as they most all revealed the sites. It’s pretty fascinating seeing just how much effort is put in to building back-links and how it is working well, I do have this nagging feeling that one day a lot of the back linking  methods been used today in mass with these type of sites will suddenly lose value overnight, another reason for me to diversify and get the basics covered by something that is not so volatile.

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