Friday Wrap: Is eBay a good way to make money.

Today I’m going to cover the mid monthly “how I make a living online” with a summary of what I have been doing and what’s planned for the next 30 days.

The last 30 days have seen me finally waking up and taking steps to correct the downward spiral that started in October. The first 15 days saw me working on a new site that generates a report for keywords with little competition, its still away from been completed as I’m struggling to get it to output the data in a fashion that the average website owner can understand and then take action on. The second part of the month saw me switching gears and launching another new site that is been built on the fly giving a day-by-day account of the cost of living in Chiang Rai along with 31 short articles on all I have learnt about setting up in Thailand.

This site has opened my eyes to a few things, it’s easy to write about something you know, google is not the b all and end all, at present the site is getting half decent traffic for a 20 day old site with next to nothing coming from google.

End of year saw me setting out a road map for 2012 along with a hard look at, what I need to do now to insure I make it through the next 6 months. The short version is I ended up deciding on taking a direction that will favor some quick ways to make “cash”and put me back in a position where what I get from google is just gravy and not the meat and potatoes. I settled on eBay as the main tool along with a little consulting.

I have always known if push came to shove eBay was my get out of jail card. It is also one way of generating near instant cash, which makes it a very good way to make money You can even make money on eBay without physically buying or selling anything, not that I’m going down that road. I’m going to just start adding a few lines with 10 – 20 products in each, the light bulb moment came when I realized some of things that make eBay so hard in the west “very labor intensive” goes away when you look at labor costs in Asia.

I will be finishing up the living in Thailand site end of month, and then I’m going to take different sites through out the year and add a page a day for a month. I’m getting in to the groove with this system and it is one of the few things that have worked for me, when it comes to adding new content. Next up will be one of the sites affected back in October now I have a better idea of a few things that are working and not working.

Lastly I’m testing loads of stuff all over the place and measuring the results, I’m ashamed to say I have never done this since day one, the worst of it is; is that this is the thing that I enjoy “if it’s analytical” I’m one happy camper. I’m not expecting to find the Holy Grail if I can find a few shards though, I will be a lot wiser.

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