July 2011 Earnings Report

July was my best month to date on all levels, as July is normally my slowest month of the year too be reporting a record breaking month is something I would never have expected a few months back and is to say the least gratifying, after been stuck at the same levels for the last few years.

What makes July’s earning so rewarding is their is no exceptional earnings, better still all of the increase is more likely than not, too follow through all future months and “if that was not enough” in the last week of the month I stumbled on another improvement which would have made the month pretty much mind blowing had I instigated  it for all the month. Yep one could say I’m pretty happy!

The total for the month is just a few dollars short of my best ever month in March of this year it is also worth noting a couple of things “March is normally my best month” that month  also included an exceptional one time amount of $125 So even though I’m a few bucks short, on a apples for apples basis this month is up 10% over my best ever.

Total was $1055 against $600 last year up 75%
The new addition of infolinks added $240
Adsense was still up 28% over last year even with the addition of infolinks!
Apart from contextual advertising other stuff held steady at $42

Expenses remain the same at around $150 Adsense made up 73% which is way better than 90+% needless to say infolinks is the big news and I’m getting ready to write a review with all I have learnt including the results of the tests I have made and some of the areas were infolinks may not be the best choice. Another small change in the last few days to adsense has been mind blowing which will be giving me plenty to write about.

Other good things are happening which should be contributing a decent amount soon. Quite out of the blue and unexpected. From this month I’m going to add another monthly post mid month that deals with what I have been doing the 1st 15 days and what I have planned for the next 15 days with follow ups, it will be more about what I’m actually doing each month.

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