Putting the “F” word back in to my work.

Nearly three weeks have flown by since I last added a post here, I basically hit a wall and was finding it more and more difficult to get motivated. After a week or so I started to look at the reasons why this was happening and why it seemed to be getting worse.

I eventually arrived at a place where I realized that I needed to add a little fun back into my work “that’s where the “F” comes from” a few trips on the bike a few new sights and I believed to have it all figured, a trip to a waterfall and a few other things got be thinking about creating a few simple sites / pages that I could use to link back to my money sites. Other ideas came and went and I could see this was it I just needed.

Well that was the start and another week on I still wasn’t producing a whole lot, putting some fun back into work was for sure a good start it just wasn’t getting me back in the mood to do anything. So I started to think some more and this time I dug a little deeper and realized there was something much larger going on “yet very simple” my daily life had become pretty monotonous, even with a few trip’s it just wasn’t cutting it.

Eventually I asked myself what was I doing during those times I felt real good, and was producing quite a lot and enjoying it? The answer I got back surprised me in that it was different periods back in the states. When I was working full time. Quite a shock! I dug a little deeper and asked myself why the first year or so after quitting the 9-5 did I not feel as I was feeling now? And figured out that during those first few months in Thailand I was doing lots of things, most where new and exciting, I think it was Tim Ferris who stated “ happiness = excitement” on reading that I adopted it as it made total sense.

Looking at those times back in the states, I was able to see there was a lot of routine and a lot going on, “yea routine” I’m not a fan either. It was working though! Anyways duplicating that exact lifestyle is not the answer either, I’m not planning on getting a Job any time soon. My final thoughts where anyone rotating between the computer and the TV “watching movies” 22+ hrs a day, in a smallish room would feel the way I was feeling. Even quite recently on arriving in Chiang Rai I was making an effort to get out and do the little that is available here and I was getting by, doing less of these few things just added fuel to the fire.

In the end all I have done is written down the things I was doing back in the states on a daily / weekly basis. Then created a column next to it and added the same things where possible, and the best substitute when no exact match is available. Needless to say what used to be a job is now working for myself, on looking at my routine at work “which was pretty varied” I found patterns things I would do daily, some weekly and then projects, I also saw I did certain things quite often at the same time each day, with this info I have been able to see why it was fun and what I can do to put some fun back into my own work.

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Friday Wrap: Turning the corner.

This week feels like I’m turning the corner with earnings take a slight tick up on my websites, one of the sites hit hard in October has got some legs again. After reading something over on the warrior forums the other day I decide to make a pretty major change, and switch domains based on what I read. The site in question has always sat on the hyphenated domain and the non-hyphenated version had a 301 redirect. Yea I know that’s backwards by today’s standards, there was a short time when hyphens were the rage. Earnings from the site had sunk so low that even if I was wrong and earning went to zero it wouldn’t be much different. I made the switch, putting the site on the non-hyphenated and redirecting the hyphenated, then went and did the switch in googles Webmaster tools, and 4 days later google acknowledged the change, and traffic and rankings returned to Pre October levels. Only time will tell if it sticks, the site is on the list for an overhaul next month, which should secure the rankings.

Over the last few months I have been running quite a few tests, most are not returning anything which indicates [do this] = [defiantly more income] they do however, add to the list of things that will not drastically increase income so it’s good data of a kind. A few things are returning extremely positive results they just cannot be measured individually at a financial level; they do appear to adding to the total though.

The living in Thailand site is entering it’s last few days of daily entries to complete a detailed account of what living in Chiang Rai is like with just $400 a month. On a personal level it’s been quite an eye opener trying to live with just $400 I consider $600 to be very easy, and is the number I normally fall around. $400 is not easy and the site will show me failing and ending up around $440. After 15 days or so google started sending a little traffic and that number is climbing nicely. I should end up with a half decent site after the 31 days and one that I can easily develop further into something quite large.

Neale with a monkey on his back

Monkey farm in Surat Thani

I was hoping to get to eBay this week that just did not happen; I did see results on another front that will bring me back into the black. More on that next week with the monthly earnings.

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Friday Wrap: Is eBay a good way to make money.

Today I’m going to cover the mid monthly “how I make a living online” with a summary of what I have been doing and what’s planned for the next 30 days.

The last 30 days have seen me finally waking up and taking steps to correct the downward spiral that started in October. The first 15 days saw me working on a new site www.zeromatch.com that generates a report for keywords with little competition, its still away from been completed as I’m struggling to get it to output the data in a fashion that the average website owner can understand and then take action on. The second part of the month saw me switching gears and launching another new site that is been built on the fly giving a day-by-day account of the cost of living in Chiang Rai along with 31 short articles on all I have learnt about setting up in Thailand.

This site has opened my eyes to a few things, it’s easy to write about something you know, google is not the b all and end all, at present the site is getting half decent traffic for a 20 day old site with next to nothing coming from google.

End of year saw me setting out a road map for 2012 along with a hard look at, what I need to do now to insure I make it through the next 6 months. The short version is I ended up deciding on taking a direction that will favor some quick ways to make “cash”and put me back in a position where what I get from google is just gravy and not the meat and potatoes. I settled on eBay as the main tool along with a little consulting.

I have always known if push came to shove eBay was my get out of jail card. It is also one way of generating near instant cash, which makes it a very good way to make money You can even make money on eBay without physically buying or selling anything, not that I’m going down that road. I’m going to just start adding a few lines with 10 – 20 products in each, the light bulb moment came when I realized some of things that make eBay so hard in the west “very labor intensive” goes away when you look at labor costs in Asia.

I will be finishing up the living in Thailand site end of month, and then I’m going to take different sites through out the year and add a page a day for a month. I’m getting in to the groove with this system and it is one of the few things that have worked for me, when it comes to adding new content. Next up will be one of the sites affected back in October now I have a better idea of a few things that are working and not working.

Lastly I’m testing loads of stuff all over the place and measuring the results, I’m ashamed to say I have never done this since day one, the worst of it is; is that this is the thing that I enjoy “if it’s analytical” I’m one happy camper. I’m not expecting to find the Holy Grail if I can find a few shards though, I will be a lot wiser.

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