4 Months and all is looking well

Approaching my fourth month anniversary, how time flies I could never have imagined all the things that have happened since I decided to start this journey. Probably the biggest thing to happen is that I found out pretty quickly it is very difficult travel and work at the same time for myself, after a couple months of changing apartments I decided to rent a house for six months signing a lease and paying all the necessary deposits associated with renting a house this has been a godsend even though I was a little wary in the beginning of parting with all that cash.

I am now settling in to what one can only call a somewhat normal lifestyle, simply said I sleep, I eat, I work a little and the days go by. The plan for now is pretty simple I get a two-month visa to stay in Thailand without having to leave the country, during this two-month period I’m intending to take a few trips within Thailand itself, and when the two-months roll around each time I will take off on a short holiday in another country. This is allowing, me to do all that I had previously planned even though it’s in a somewhat different manner.

So what are some of the things that I have learned since leaving America?
In short not a great deal, it has been more along the lines that those beliefs and ideas that I have always believed in don’t change much even when you are in a totally foreign country such as Thailand. We still need the basics food; shelter, friends, and health wherever we are. Things change a little, the type of food we eat, where we sleep, the type of friends we make, and our general health becomes somewhat dependent on the country we are in, as our bodies take a while to adjust particularly to the foods we eat.

What about Thailand? I have learned quite a lot about Thailand the first thing that comes to mind is you will never know Thailand for what it really is without spending a few months here away from all the tourists haunts. Thailand is everything you have ever read about, and considerably more. It is a place where you can arrive and immediately feel at home you can pick up your old life and live it here very easily, with the added bonus that it will cost you 1/3 to 1/2 of what it cost before, this month looks like I will spend around $1000 and I’ve wanted for nothing, when I say nothing I mean nothing. There is a small expense that needs to be added to that figure in my case it is about $250, which will go towards my holidays that I choose to take every couple of months.

I’m not sure what direction this blog will take as I have been using facebook Neale to keep friends and family updated on my travels, with pictures and short posts of my whereabouts and doings. Back home during the 4year run up to me leaving I know a few friends and other people kind of looked at me as if to say “you want to do what?” when I would talk of my plans now some of these same people are showing signs of wanting to do a similar thing, nothing would give me more pleasure than to see a few of these people get on a plane in a few years like I did a few months back. As I’m passionate about what I do and truly believe that anybody can make a living on the web, I think this blog will start to progress more along the lines of a how to blog.

Lastly something that happened quite recently still brings a smile to my face.
About six weeks back I was a little unsure if I was going to be able to make this thing work,

first thought,

“I can always go back home and make some money”

next thought

“So I can come back here”

At that moment I knew I would never be able to go back to a 9-to-5 environment and I just had to make this thing work, today I feel confident that what I had hoped for is actually working and will continue to work for as long as I wish.

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