Part1: Six month anniversary!

What do they say “only in hindsight” I now have 6 months on which I can look back at what I thought was going to be my journey and what in fact has happened.

If I had to describe 6 months ago what I would have done in my first six months after selling all my stuff and hitting the road to travel and work on my own websites. You guessed it I would have only got about 25% correct the other 75% I could not have guessed under any circumstances.

Some things that spring to mind, never would I have guessed that I would be writing this post on my iPhone I’m not big on writing and have tried every trick in the book to make it more enjoyable. In just the last few days I realised that the writing could be done anywhere, on a beach, up a mountain, waiting for lunch any place I wanted. Adapting to writing in notes on an iPhone was like most things in life a pure accident, somehow one of my notes transformed in to readable text “Arial fonts” For a day or so I tried to duplicate this with no luck, then I used Google to look up the phenomena that had occurred, et voilà: A combination of using a second language and a few key strokes enables you to ditch the unreadable default font in notes on an iPhone.

For those of you with an iPhone that know exactly what I mean about the awful font in notes that is neither readable or easy to type with, here is how: Go to General > Keyboard, Enable Thai Then go back to any note, you will see a new key down the bottom left looks like a round world tap it. This enables Thai, tap the key right of world key, delete character with backspace, tap world again to return to English and your done. You now have nice readable text. You will have to do this on each note but it is a small price to pay, if like me and most other people you dislike the default font in notes on the iPhone.

Out of the few things I brought with me the iPhone is the thing that has become the absolute “Must” for myself whilst traveling and working. You will need to unlock and jailbreak it first, then figure out a data plan in your new country all of which is not that difficult.

After you have a modem for your laptop in remote areas with no WiFi yea it’s slow but you can do basic work stuff, next you have GPS imagine been in a foreign country not been able to speak the language. With GPS & Google search you can find most anything, go down any number of streets without ever worrying about getting lost, after you have Skype, Email, you can also check stats, use facebook for sharing those photos just taken, the list just goes on and on.

I was planning on a 6-month update with quite a few things in mind. I now see that a few more posts are needed to cover these things, as this turned in to an iPhone post I will break up the 6 month anniversary post in to multiple posts over the next few days.

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