Back on the road!

Looks like I will be free of the house next weekend another guy signed a contract today along with paying deposit yay!

Also sold to the same guy the few possessions I had accrued screen, chair and modem etc all paid for upfront in cash by him, as I’m only losing about $100 on them all for 4 months use I’m a happy camper to be lightening the load again and getting my freedom back.

Will be heading north in to the real Thailand with the bike, some longer trips into Laos, Cambodia & possibly Burma, with or without the bike are also likely. Vague plans for China and India after.

Planning on taking a few months out here and there using a website with a large data base of farms and the likes were I can exchange a few hours work daily for food and accommodation this option is looking more and more like something I would enjoy and would fit in with my need to keep expenses to a minimum along with my general needs to be doing new things.

Basically getting back to what I have had in mind all these years before I left hopefully the dream should be a little easier now I have a few months under my belt. These last 7 months have only reinforced the thoughts and ideas I had before, whilst highlighting some of the pitfalls that can confront us.

Lastly I have to talk about the subject of how much do I take on a trip like this. I’m sure you have heard it many times “Less is Better” I thought I had packed pretty light I can assure you now “Less is better” I have about 33% of my stuff I have never used, another 20% I have used a couple of times. A major culling will take place before I set off on the next leg.
Timothy Ferris talks about buying what you need when you really need it on the road and how cheap it is. I have experienced just that pack less if you forgot something buying it here would not cost a lot.

BTW this post was created on the iPhone whilst eating at a Indian restaurant in Thailand no need for WiFi.

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