Part2: Six month anniversary!

Continuing on with my 6-month update. Only now I able to see things like: All those fears I had about going to a very foreign country were so ridiculous I have to laugh, Phuket Thailand may not be the hardest place in the world to adjust too, but you would expect it to be a little different considering it is Thailand and that’s in Asia, supposedly a whole different world to the west.

Wrong: My experience to date tells me, finding a place and all the other things associated with living and working remotely in a very foreign country, are a lot easier than in say America or England. If I were to pinpoint a couple of things they would be: Lack of red tape and Living costs, these two things alone have simplified the process.

People: I had fears about been ripped off or worse getting robbed etc Nothing I have experienced, heard or seen here suggest that it is any different than back home. If anything now after a few months I feel just a tad safer here than back home, for example I often go to the beach to work many of the places that I work have a lot of people floating around, I often find myself wondering off to take a walk or a dip in the ocean only to realize that I’ve left my iPhone sitting on the side available for anybody to take without any difficulty. I am sure that one day I will probably pay the price for doing things like this, till now though all is good and nothing lost.

What else can I say about safety: One hears often about peoples houses being broken into, I have left my house quite a few times to go off on road trips with no problems what so ever. A long time ago I came to the realization that 99% of the population is 100% honest this was after sending many thousands of items abroad without tracking. What this actually meant was that anybody that I sent stuff could go into Pay Pal and get a refund with a simple click of a button. Of the many thousands of packages that I sent only a couple of times did I have to issue a refund that seemed a little dubious.

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