February 2011 Earnings Report

February ended up been a good month and on a day-to-day basis and was a little better than January. Year over year February was 32% up over February of 2010 total for the month was $864 of which $15 came from a small sale in the goldfish shop and a few links in my general directory.

Year to date I’m up 32% over 2010 this is pretty much all down to the facelift I gave the goldfish care site. The work I did on this site in December gave me an instant $150 lift seems to be holding but has dropped off a little over last month.

I’m starting to see a trend in that Google may be adding even more weight to pages were the content is brand new, for now this is just an idea and stems from the results I’m getting when I search for stuff and this abnormality with the goldfish site slipping back a little month over month which it has not done these two same months any other years.

The work I did on adding content over on the abs workout site along with adding products did not give me any rewards it seems to be gaining a little traction now about 5 weeks later if this holds “and it is only a few days of data” I could be looking at an extra $50 per month or so for that work.

March is looking good after a dismal first couple of days and has ticked up a lot the last 4 days gaining everything back it lost the first few days depending on when spring break finishes in America “hopefully late this year” I could have a very strong month if not my best ever.

Last month seems to have flown by with little concrete getting done, other than research and tarting up my hub pages, which helps the account in general. Have been looking in to increasing my income from other sources the main two been selling stuff from here to the west using eBay as quick and simple method. The other is again with eBay but selling a few of the extremely poorly producing sites, at present a couple of hundred dollars in the hand looks a lot better than $5 a year. Kind of goes back to the whole 80/20 thing 20% of my sites are making 80% of the income and 80% of them are costing me money more so when you add in parked domains.

Finally like my good friend nerdy nomad I’m going to tack on the business expenses each month this month was quiet on the domain renewal front only having to renew four domains $44 For the first time I let a couple of domains drop that were bought a long time back without the knowledge that I have today. At present I’m holding around 120 domains with very few that I can justify dropping. Hosting is a pretty regular $30 per month “something I need to address” as I’m paying about $20 per month too much.

Goals for this month are really simple earn an extra $150 from a new source..

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