Hub pages

A lot of my online friends rave about hub-pages and the benefit of getting active with them. I have had an account with hub-pages for a few years now without really doing a lot, one of the things you do need to do is maintain a certain level of quality which is reflected in the scores you see on each of the hubs and in a users overall score this allows you to create quality links back to your own sites.

Because of my lack of effort my scores were at best marginal so I set to rectify this during the last few days and low and behold I have found it very easy to better the scores I still have three hubs which are ok Over 50 but under 60 which is what I have set myself as a baseline to maintain from now on. As I’m just getting back in to Hub-Pages I dont have any stats or the Likes yet hopefully soon I can add some posts with results.

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