Friday Wrap: An Interesting Week

This week has been an interesting week with a lot of changes again, Monday I decided that I would not continue volunteering three – four days a week as I have been doing for the last 3-4 months I was originally expecting to do 8hrs for them and 30 for myself each week, it looked like a plan, needless to say I ended up doing a lot more for them and not enough for myself.

After starting out on this journey 15 months ago I’m seeing that the only way for me to arrive at the final goal of being able to travel where and whenever I wish and working at the same time is going to involve a lot of working in between time, this is probably something that I knew in the beginning but didn’t quite take to heart or act on like I should have, could have done.

These last three months I have seen some nice residual increases in income from my websites, even more so during the last few weeks this has made it very apparent that the only way I can get to a point where I can live comfortably and travel the world on a whim. Is going to involve simply putting my head down and doing a fair amount of work for quite a few months to come.

So with the travel time back and forth to the foundation each day about an hour and a half. Each day’s distractions that I was encountering more and more I decided to finally go it alone completely. Needless to say this has its disadvantages and advantages the main disadvantage is more of a personal nature than anything, and it is the human interaction each day that going somewhere produces. This thing is probably one of the most important things to me, that I realized a few years back and has made working alone on the web quite a hard thing to master. Nothing like been self employed with places to go customers to service etc.

Well I’m four days into it now and it’s working out okay I bought myself a cheap desk and chair for $15 total, “it isn’t pretty” this dose enables me to work at home though with a half decent setup, as the next few months roll by I will add to the setup a little each month out of earnings, enabling me to finally arrive at a place I should have been at 12 month ago.

Next Friday I should finally have a meaningful infolinks review I’m just waiting for last part of the puzzle, which is receiving a payment from them. After that I expect to be able to create a detailed report with some suggestions including the pros and cons of the infolinks program.

A thought that came to mind this week is the fact that I need to create a spreadsheet with all the pages that I have on the web including their search terms, traffic and a whole bunch of other data. This thought came about from an idea that I had, “that in simple terms the only way my business is going to grow is if I focus on each page individually” given the enormous amount of free time that I now have I’m beginning to understand more and more that it’s quite okay to focus on one given page of any website for a single day and I expect this to bring some real positive results, along with lots of really cool data that I can use in the future.

This week I finally got busy with an affiliate program mainly because, Google now has one that has a huge range of advertisers unlike a few years back. It has been quite interesting to see some of the products that are out there and the amount of money that they are currently generating per click. If this goes in the direction I expect it too I could end up being one very happy camper in the next few months.

The end of this month is shaping up quite good, it looked better at the beginning of the month but is still showing some impressive gains over the same month last year, this will lead me to another record month in August. Due to the nature of my sites and knowing how they have performed in past years I expect this trend to continue at least until March with only a couple of the upcoming months been a little flat. I have watched friends go down the same road and it is very satisfying to see me finally on a similar track.

Monday next I will be starting up my mid monthly report! The one where I detail what I’ve been doing work wise to grow the business and what I’m likely to do for the last 15 days of the month. Hopefully this should give you a better insight into what is exactly involved in generating an income on the web.

Lastly and not least I got out the old dragon naturally speaking software again! We have had an on and off love affair for a few years now. Coming from the world’s least enthusiastic writer and trailing the pack as a speed typist I have always known the product was for me. This time I’m trying a new approach! What I did was just start dictating with no effort to correct the faults it made, halfway through I even moved away from the computer, which speeded things up drastically.

What I really wanted to know was exactly how long it takes to put together a 500 – 600 word article. Well here we are at the end of it, after going back and editing the raw dictation, “the raw dictation itself is hyper fast as soon as I stopped focusing on the few mistakes it makes” “it continuously spits out about 95% correct” Low and behold my 500 word effort turns into 1000 word essay that only took a few minutes to dictate and another 30-40 to edit. As my future will probably involve a lot more writing / dictating I’m kind of impressed that this small change in how I use the software could allow me to even envisage a 1000 word article something I can say would have turned my stomach a few years back.

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