How I make money online : August 2011

Today kicks off a new section here at Minimum Wifi “How I make money online” each month around the 15th I will be adding a post about what I’m planning on doing for the next 30 days to increase my residual income from my websites and a look back at how I did with the previous months tasks I set myself.

One of the things I have noticed is that adding a little structure to my postings here at Minimum Wifi has forced me to stop and think about what I’m doing and helped me to start and finish projects I may have never bothered with before. I’m also starting to see a little more traffic to this site since I started adding content more frequently “go figure” this in it’s self is also somewhat gratifying and very indirectly related profitable.

So what am I going to share about making money online? Pretty much everything I do, the reason I can do this is their are no big secrets to making money online it’s a very simple affair that anyone can do with one simple ingredient “perseverance”

So as today we dont have a lot to look back upon relating to last months post “there was not one” I’m going to jump straight into a short list of things that I would like to get done in the next 30 days this should give us a little more to write about next month.

One thing I do know after been in this business 5 years and 11 days is the more you do the more residual income you can expect to make.

First up is a redesign of the simple shop I have on a couple of my sites I coded  it about 2 years ago and did a small update a few months back. In the first instance my only priorities where to create a shop and shopping cart that was hyper simple and more important very very fast these two things I accomplished fairly easily because I was not paying any attention to the design. This is the most active of the two and offers a selection of goldfish supplies as you can see the home page , category page, and product page all leave a lot to be desired design wise. The fun thing is the shop works! yep I sell stuff in it, not a lot for sure, the goal of the update is to start creating extra income because a couple of sale’s a day in this shop would give me an extra $500 per month.

Next up is to add a forum over on the same site, I will be using WikidForum mainly cause it looks cool, it’s free and a friend of mine owns it, I get a huge amount of questions over on this site “all of them saved for future use” and I have for what seems like forever been talking about using all this freely donated content..

WikidForum: Free php Forum Software with a wiki built in
WikidForum is an open source free forum software combined with a Wiki which allows users to convert forum discussions into valuable Wiki articles.

If your new to this business you are probably thinking “none of that is simple or easy” true! So here are 3 more basic fundamentals that I will also add to the list..

Most basic of all is adding content to my live sites this has to be one of my least favorite things even though I know this is were it all starts and without this you can only grow so much by leveraging older content. So to quantify lets try for 1 new page a week and for this month they will be on this site all about Koi the reason I choose this one is very simple this site is showing signs of life and this is one of the flags that normally prompts me to develop further a website.

Next up is load one new site. I’m not proud of the fact I have probably 5-6 domains with content written  “since years” sitting on my hard drive, that has to be one of the most stupid example’s of leaving money on the table

Get Adsense for Domains up on my domains that have no content along with google analytic’s… if I even get to figure this one out I will count it as a positive step.

Reduce my hosting costs by hosting some sites elsewhere.

Sell the few things I have picked up to sell on eBay that are just sitting their collecting dust.

As you can see It’s quite a varied list, will I get them all done? It’s unlikely you never know though check back next month to find out.

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