Friday Wrap: End of year and two new sites.

Busy busy week here in Chiang Rai, I’m very close to launching two new sites this month, both are very different from my normal style of sites and both are very different from each other the first is a service type site, One that offers a report to website owners wanting to develop the site and attract new traffic I have struggled with explaing what the product is and does, and then figuring out how to explain the data has been even more difficult after a few days I did get some Ideas and they are been well received. All I have to do now is create the reports a simple one off job though will take a few days. The second site covers a topic that I can say I know a lot about “Living in Thailand” during the month of January I will add a page each day covering expenses and activities for the day, along with 30 more general topics spread over the 31 days, on all the other things involved with using Thailand as a home base.

I have also been looking more and more at what I need to do with my portfolio of websites and domains. I spent an hour or so yesterday with a spreadsheet and came up with a lot of useful info, starting from a very conservative place I allotted 12 days for the creation of a new site and 6 days for the revamping of a site total days 342 this has helped me see just what is in front of me yep it is a full years work.

End of year earnings the short version is I’m up 26% over last year “would a should a been” 40% without the October crash more than acceptable as I don’t feel I have even got out of 1st gear this year. Whats not so cool is I’m looking at a 40% decrease in 2012 over 2011 if things stay like they are now post October. Not that I expect that to happen will probably be a long slow climb back and could take the full year ahead.

I’d like to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year! till next year.

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