Friday Wrap: just deal with it!

It’s that time again when Friday rolls around. This week can only be described as Awesome “Absolutely not on the money front” LOL I’m dying financially, if I was thinking $ = X happiness I would be in very bad way, earnings this month are so low you do not want know about it, “think lets go back 4years and earn the same” seriously not pretty.

So what is happening that is enabling me to not dwell on the financial aspect of things? I’m working and enjoying it. I’m working on new things that are kind of artsy in a coding sort of way, probably the thing I do best and that I enjoy most. Mid month I had a serious change of mindset from “this is what I used to earn” to “this is what I earn” just deal with it!

On examining “what I was earning” I realised had three options:

A: Return to a 9-5 : Not in a million years.
B: Earn more : Easier said than done “particularly in this business” no guarantees.
C: Live with what you earning : No external variables, extremely simple not easy.

Needles to say I choose the third option: “suck it up eat chicken and rice every day” if need be and move forward forget about what was and adapt to what is.

This decision has allowed me so much freedom I have started to do what I was doing in 2007 throw lots of S~it at the wall and hope something sticks I recently heard an awesome example of how all this works on one of TMBA podcasts “think pottery class” this example is old and well referenced “I had never heard it before though” If you take a class of 100 students and divide them in too two and tell half “all we want you to do is concentrate on excellent pottery” and the other half you tell “ just knock out anything you want and focus on quantity build and build more is better” The second group will more likely than not create an item that is way better than anything else in the whole class. It is stated that Einstein’s IQ was not of the chart’s he just did a lot of things and a few things stuck. “It’s a numbers game” that’s all it is.

What’s new quite a lot I’m on a roll, my new site Zero Match is about a week away from going live, I have cooled on the idea a little but still believe it could be a serious source of revenue. I have had an idea for a domain for a while now “livinginchiangrai” all credit goes to Kirsty this is the second time I have stole her ideas. I took it a little further and expanded it to “livinginthailand” and low and behold the .net was available. So yes I’m going live with that January 1st I’m going to start it off with a 31 day challenge creating a page a day showing what “Living in Thailand on $398 a month” is like, kind of like the season premier for a new TV show it’s a challenge because $398 is cutting it really fine $600 is more than doable, my goal will be to show what $398 affords, and how if you choose, you can live in Thailand on $398 per month, whilst expanding your online business.

Lastly I have always been interested in real estate because of the financial implications, but also because of the varied approaches one can take to making a property better “think getting your hands dirty” In Phuket where I landed in Thailand I came across a phenomenal website geared to people like my self “Westerners / Farangs” In 24hrs you can have an awesome place to live in SE Asia no BS simply pay a pittance by Western standards and your home. “Do ask for Ben she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet” The owners of this site became friends and I saw they had a very unique combo “by Thai standards” Him “Westerner” coder /website maker, Her “100% Thai well respected.” This combo resulted in the business been born and a huge success. Needless to say I logged their accomplishment deep in my own sub consciousness awaiting the right person to come along “knowing full well without the right person” it was an impossible task. “Thailand is a funny place” 18 months on and the right person appeared. So I’m getting ready to launch a site that will address the needs of westerners looking for accommodation in Thailand.

To summarize I’m moving away from building 5 page sites that make $20 a month to creating sites that don’t need to be #1 in google.

4 thoughts on “Friday Wrap: just deal with it!”

  1. Congratulations on $ doesn’t equal happiness, so true! As for the pottery example I would also add that by repeating the same skill over and over again without focusing too much on being perfect, you are getting better at it naturally whilst when you are too much of a perfectionist you kind of hinder yourself because you always think ‘not good enough!’ Also true for other skills …
    Happy 2012 to you, SY

  2. Thanks Hospitalera I keep doing the numbers and even though its tight I should fairly easily be able to make it through the next few months, after which things will be more than manageable.. no room for slacking though 🙂

  3. I had a look at your zero match site but couldn’t really understand what it does!

    Any chance of a free sample as it sounded quite good although not sure in what way?! 😉


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