Putting the “F” word back in to my work.

Nearly three weeks have flown by since I last added a post here, I basically hit a wall and was finding it more and more difficult to get motivated. After a week or so I started to look at the reasons why this was happening and why it seemed to be getting worse.

I eventually arrived at a place where I realized that I needed to add a little fun back into my work “that’s where the “F” comes from” a few trips on the bike a few new sights and I believed to have it all figured, a trip to a waterfall and a few other things got be thinking about creating a few simple sites / pages that I could use to link back to my money sites. Other ideas came and went and I could see this was it I just needed.

Well that was the start and another week on I still wasn’t producing a whole lot, putting some fun back into work was for sure a good start it just wasn’t getting me back in the mood to do anything. So I started to think some more and this time I dug a little deeper and realized there was something much larger going on “yet very simple” my daily life had become pretty monotonous, even with a few trip’s it just wasn’t cutting it.

Eventually I asked myself what was I doing during those times I felt real good, and was producing quite a lot and enjoying it? The answer I got back surprised me in that it was different periods back in the states. When I was working full time. Quite a shock! I dug a little deeper and asked myself why the first year or so after quitting the 9-5 did I not feel as I was feeling now? And figured out that during those first few months in Thailand I was doing lots of things, most where new and exciting, I think it was Tim Ferris who stated “ happiness = excitement” on reading that I adopted it as it made total sense.

Looking at those times back in the states, I was able to see there was a lot of routine and a lot going on, “yea routine” I’m not a fan either. It was working though! Anyways duplicating that exact lifestyle is not the answer either, I’m not planning on getting a Job any time soon. My final thoughts where anyone rotating between the computer and the TV “watching movies” 22+ hrs a day, in a smallish room would feel the way I was feeling. Even quite recently on arriving in Chiang Rai I was making an effort to get out and do the little that is available here and I was getting by, doing less of these few things just added fuel to the fire.

In the end all I have done is written down the things I was doing back in the states on a daily / weekly basis. Then created a column next to it and added the same things where possible, and the best substitute when no exact match is available. Needless to say what used to be a job is now working for myself, on looking at my routine at work “which was pretty varied” I found patterns things I would do daily, some weekly and then projects, I also saw I did certain things quite often at the same time each day, with this info I have been able to see why it was fun and what I can do to put some fun back into my own work.

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