Friday Wrap: Looking Back on the last year!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing after the fact!

looking back

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Thanks to City Snaps for the perfect photo!

How many times do we find ourselves saying: “If only I had of known”

I do it and recently have found myself pondering what choices would I have taken? had I known that the last 14 months here in Thailand would have been like how they turned out after leaving the USA last year.

If I knew that after 14 months I would be in the position I am today. I would more than likely have taken the same action, that I did and book a flight and sell everything even knowing about all the stuff that was not planned.

What was not planned? “many things 🙂 The main thing though would be that I did not do much in the way of work for the first 11 months and made no attempt to budget in anyway, needless to say you can burn through a lot of cash when your not working. So about 4-5 months back when I suddenly woke up it was quite a shock to the system to have to start some form of a Budget. What was worse was been unable to spend less than I was earning no matter how hard I tried.

With limited counting skills “8 fingers & 2 thumbs” Even I could see time was running out and the choices were getting thinner by the week.

  1. Get a job “been there done that”
  2. Start selling stuff “not much left to sell, sold it all in the states”  it’s also a slippery road.
  3. Spend less than you earn “not been doing very good at that”

Well like most things in life nothing happens overnight and each month that passed I was able to spend a little less until I got to point were I was spending less than what was coming in. Then the magic “time” kicked in and I started earning a little more.

Looking back at these last few months today is quite fun even though it is not a path I could have dream’t up! and would never have wished on myself a few years back. It’s amazing how the impossible becomes possible.

Just after arriving in Thailand I watched one day as a young couple on a motorbike, pulled up at an ATM on there way to the annual Vegetarian Festival in Phuket and withdrew 100 baht ‘about $3’ That moment marked me at that time in a certain way as I was oblivious to the fact it was even possible to withdraw what I considered to be such a small amount, these last few months have taught me to respect the 100 baht note exactly the way I used treat a $20 bill. That’s with respect.
“strange that both notes are the minimum withdrawal”

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