Friday Wrap: Working harder really works! or dose it?

Whilst thinking about what I was going to focus on this Friday the idea came to me that: “Wow since I started  applying myself: about six weeks! my earnings have jumped dramatically! it really is true that just working on your sites “been in front of a computer” works.

Next thought I can use this Friday, so I knock up a few samples of earnings to validate my thought, sure enough the numbers verify what I’m turning in my head…

  1. Last  12 months against the 12 months before that up 29%
  2. Year to date against same period in 2010 up 34%
  3. Last 90 days against same 90 in 2010 up 45%
  4. Last 30 days against same last year up a staggering 65% 75%

All Time Earnings
Here is a snap shot from day one through now with a 12 month rolling average and individual months.

To further my Idea that working on my sites “sitting in front of a computer works” really works I normally top out around march each year then take a dive for a few months: in 2009 it was April to September.  In 2010 it was March through July. This year just one month March thru April. As I’m compiling all these wonderful facts my mind starts to wonder and I ask myself “what is it exactly you have been doing these last 6 weeks to generate these fantastic results? and I ‘m drawing a blank yep nothing! sure I have sat in front of a computer for 6 weeks 4-5 days a week 8hrs a day but what is it I have done that justifies these increases that coincidentally coincide with when I started  sitting in front of the computer again regularly? the response is  not a lot!

Sure I have been present, I re coded the website for New Life Foundation that’s not contributing anything. I have worked hard on a new site, that’s not adding to the pot, I have been adding posts here, that is not generating a dime, I haven’t worked on my other sites created articles, done any link building so this increase must be coming from something?

Yep I know exactly what it is that is creating half of the increase I’m getting this month “work I did in December on the Goldfish site” The other half is coming from creating more income from the same site without having changing anything, this addition took all of 10 minutes! it is  actually inspiring a future post “How I made $50,000 before breakfast” yea I cant call it work just luck and been present.

So you can see the growth I’m experiencing this month has nothing to do with the hours I have been behind a desk these last 6 weeks, its not because I added a whole lot of content, improved some sites, or anything else one can isolate.

On the other hand these last few weeks has seen me reading a few more emails which led me to finding part of the increase that took 10 minutes to implement. I’m becoming more and more aware of what increases my income… “see this post”

So does working harder really work? not that I know of “reminder to self must try it some time” does been present and online a lot more help? seems like it does!

2 thoughts on “Friday Wrap: Working harder really works! or dose it?”

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