How I make money online : September 2011

It’s interesting to note how setting yourself a simple task each month can work, if I had not of stated I would update how I earn a living online, each mid month I surely would not be posting today.

In short I got very little done of what I had set myself to do last month How I make money online : August 2011 not all doom and gloom though I did get a few other things done finishing up setting up a very comfortable workplace along with tying up a load of loose ends here in Chiang Rai.

The few things I did do included starting the process of drastically reducing the number of domains I own, at the end of August I let go 80% of those needing renewing in September I doubt over the next year I will let 80% go at present I’m looking to reduce the number by around 50% this will allow me to hopefully have live sites on all domains within a year along with the smaller byproduct of reduced costs.

I did get to taking a square look at my hosting costs and ended up reducing them by around 33% to $20 per month with the savings in domains not all was lost as the total saving over the year will be $750 a little less than a months earnings.

I also transferred one of my dot info’s over to the .com that I picked up and never transferred the original over, I have done this on other sites and seen marginal increases.

On paper I’ts clear I didn’t do  a lot of constructive work on increasing my income, I did end up with a record month so again I’m confident that all is on the right path even if I’m taking the back roads and not using the super highway.

I’m not going to add a whole load simply cause I still have quite a bit from last month to do, I’d like to say one of the things stands out as thee most important to do, but none do. It seems that their is no sure fire way of guaranteeing increases..

I did do a change on one site with the placement of the adsense and early stats are giving me a 100% increase as it’s only a small site the dollar amount is small,  still interesting and something that should work on a few other sites.

One thing I’m noticing whilst writing this is it’s getting harder to get motivated to do things that produce an extra $10 – $20 a month. I’m going to have watch this as I have seen this pattern before in other things I have done,  a few years back I’d have been ecstatic with a $20 increase now it needs to have a couple of zero’s attached to it.

As you can see not a lot is needed to earn a living online once the basics are in place 🙂

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